Friday, July 14, 2006

You Better Sit Down

Two posts in one day, people, this is nothing short of miraculous. Babies are sleeping. Hubby is otherwise occupied. Mommy is ALONE (yes, I said ALONE). Amazing.
I got my new issue of Parents magazine the other day. I went through my usual routine. Thumb through the magazine and read the really short stuff. Browse at the rest of it and put it in the bathroom which is the only place I can get any real reading done. Today while I was umm...reading...I came across an article about how to look better in a bikini. There were pictures of all these skinny, tanned, flat-stomached women in bikinis. Hello, is this not Parents magazine? Does that not imply stretch marks, a saggy stomach and boobs? This article was wrong in so many ways. Most mothers are not skinny and flat stomached (and if you are, I don't want to talk about it) due to the lack of time to go to the gym and the diet of baby's food leftovers. Also, who has time to get a tan?? Two summers in a row of no beach for me - two summers, people. (Ok, so that is sort of my fault). In my opinion, there was no need for ten ways to look good in a bikini. There is only one - "Don't have kids!"

ps. I'd much rather have kids than a bikini body anyday!!

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