Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Life in Snippets

So, life is busy with two toddlers and a job. I have been longing to sit down and write a funny, witty blog, but can't ever seem to get the time to just sit and write. At the moment kids are asleep, Joel's in the bath and things are fairly quiet. But, my brain is mush. So, you'll have to settle for snippets. Hey, at least it is something, right?
  • Have been having a fiasco with a car that we bought and had to return due to the Lemon Law. The guy we are dealing with is a total moron (and I mean that quite literally) and it looks like we are going to have to take him to small claims court. He owes us $700 and he has the nerve to tell us that we are stressing him out. Meanwhile, I have had no car for over a month!
  • Work is going well. By the time I get there, I feel like it is my time to relax, we have such busy mornings.
  • Turned 31 AND celebrated five years of marriage. I'm old. Also, my babies will be 3 and 2 soon. Ollie's going to preschool in the fall. Did I mention that I am old?
  • Got tested for the gene abnormality that my mom has that caused her cancer and the results were negative. That was a huge relief.
  • My house is a complete disaster and trying to clean it is like shoveling the driveway in the middle of a blizzard, while it is still snowing. I just want to throw everything away.
  • My children are complete geniuses and are hysterical also. I love them to bits and pieces. Planning for the big birthday bash has begun. More info to come on that.
Ok, I think that is about all I can handle right now. Anyone read this thing anymore?

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