Friday, August 26, 2005


So, I was at the grocery store today and along comes this man - mid- fifties, somewhat overweight, hair disheveled, very grubby looking - wearing paint-covered clothes and knee socks pulled up to said knees and a shirt that says "ENJOY". What exactly am I supposed to be enjoying about this picture?

Speaking of not enjoying things, Oliver had to get shots yesterday. I have decided there is not a worse feeling in the world than helplessly looking on while your precious one is in pain. He has this way of looking at me like, "Why are you just standing there? Make this stop!!!" I would much rather be the one in pain than have to watch him in pain. Other than the shots the appointment went well. He is average height and weight and head circumference. Wouldn't it be funny if adults had to get their head circumferences measured? "Well, sir, your head is a bit large for most 40 year olds." Strange. I wonder why babies get it measured.

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