Thursday, September 01, 2005

I miss you...t.v.

Only sometimes though. I mostly miss t.v. when there is a crisis going on such as this hurricane. I feel like I need to be glued to the tv to see what is going on. I think that is kind of strange. Why are we so drawn to other people's suffering? I certainly don't want to watch so that I can laugh and say "Stinks for them." Is it morbid curiosity or wanting to feel compassion for these people by being in the know about their situation? Any ideas?

Also, this hurricane thing put our apartment flood into perspective for me. Instead of saying poor me, I am now grateful for only 3 inches of water, minimal loss and a nicer apartment.

In other news, Oliver has started eating baby food and rice cereal now. Milestones are so bittersweet. I am thrilled that he is growing up and we can have fun with different foods, but also I am sad that he is no longer dependent solely on me for sustenance. I guess this is the never-ending struggle of a parent. Wanting your child to grow and develop, but not wanting to let go. The other down side of the food is the change in the poop (See, I told you...). No longer little, sweet-smelling, cute baby they are stinky, yucky poops that Joel and I will fight over who has to change. (It's always me, by the way) Though, he has only pooped twice since we started the food. Is this normal?


Janice said...

The not pooping for a few days is very normal. Just watch out when it decides to come!
Glad you are having fun with food! He is getting so big!

Katie said...

little sweet smelling poops? i wasn't aware those existed...

where do i sign up?

Becka said...

Breastfeeding produces said poops.