Friday, September 09, 2005

A Lull

I think I need to keep a list by my bed of things I want to Blog about. I always think of things as I am drifting off to sleep or feeding Oliver. When it comes time for me to sit down and write, there's nothing. The Blog in my head is really interesting though.
I need to do some major house cleaning today, but I have no desire. We are still not totally unpacked so I find my self cleaning around stuff which bugs me. "Why don't you unpack, then?" you might ask. Well, I'll tell you...(get ready for a rant!) All of the stuff that is packed still and in boxes and piles around the apt. are things that Joel needs to take care of. Computer stuff, frog tanks - 3 of those- the actual frogs themselves who have not been fed in a month, books, his bike...shall I continue? If I try to unpack and put away these things he comes home and moves them all back into the middle of the room so he can "organize" them and he says "I told you I would do this". But WHEN, I ask, WHEN?

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Anonymous said...

I am impressed you have been so patient with Joel. Being the anal organized person I am I would of thrown it all in the trash by now. Yes, it would be a wicked deed, but I think I could be driven insane by unorganized living (serisouly).
Keeping a pen and paper by your bedside sounds nice but if you want to be really hip carry a pen and index cards in your front shirt pocket like my Dad, super cool. jennifer v