Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Special Guest Stars

Couple things... first of all, Sarah Curry, my college roommate and fellow
mom-to-be-again, sent me this article about her husband, Jesse. Check it out and pray for Jesse , Sarah and family while you are at it. (Oh yeah, and applaud my ability to successfully make a link.)
Also, my friend, Jennifer, sent me this funny e-mail about baby names:
This weekend I watched a VH1 special on celebrity baby names, it was so funny I had to write the names down. Girl Names...HeavenGod'iss Love StoneReign BeauStoryDreamTu MorrowPumaPoppy HoneyDaisy BooSaffron SaharaTalullah PineTrue Isabella SummerOceanFifi TrixiebellePixie Peaches HoneyblossomDixie DotBoy Names...BanjoJermagestyPirateKydDenimDieselSevenScience (middle name)Hopper JackSonnetRebelRacerRocketRougeCashPilot Inspektor
What are these people thinking? Do they think that because they are famous thier children will be immune to mockery and people saying "Your name is what?" I am all for unique names, but this is too much.


Anonymous said...

there are some good ones missing. like Frank Zappa's kids. Moonunit and Dweasel.

matt said...

that was me by the way