Sunday, December 14, 2008

OK, I'm Here

Whew, what a busy day! Started out with church and my last sunday school class until after Christmas. We attempted to do an art project today! Big mistake with 17 children and a teeny tiny classroom. I was so frazzled by the time we were done. I feel terrible because one of the kids brought me a gift and I was so distracted that I forgot to open it AND to bring it home. Ooops! I'm a horrible teacher... I am looking forward to our lives settling down a bit so that I can really focus on Sunday School and the lessons that I am teaching. I'm tired of throwing something together on Saturday night.
After church, Joel and I headed over to the old apartment to do the final clean-out and getting rid of the last few things left behind. Gave the crib and high chair to my cousin who is expecting, gave some old toys and the changing table to Nikki and Lucas and ended up losing the battle to keep my mom's sewing machine and table that she gave me. It is old and a bit worn and, ok, I'll admit, ugly, but I use it and it was my mom's so I like it. But, Joel was pretty adamant about not wanting it in the apartment, so I tried to be a submissive wife. I'm kind of sad about it, but maybe I'll be able to get a newer model with more bells and whistles. For now, my mother has it back at her house. Not sure what its fate will be.
We also picked up the fish tank that we hadn't brought over yet. We were so undecided about what to do with it. We didn't really want to bring it to the new place. We're nervous about the carpet. The tank and stand are older and a little worn out too but a new one is out of the question financially at this point. Anyway, we were kind of hoping that after a week or so in the old apartment with no heat and no food that they would have gone to fishy heaven, but no such luck. So, we cleaned it off as best as we could and lugged it over here. At least the kids are excited.
I can't believe I have to make it through another week before Christmas break. I wish I had more time off before Christmas to get everything done. I feel so behind! We did get our tree up this weekend and that makes me feel good.
So, on the list for this week? Finish shopping for the gifts for our family from my mother (long story, I'll get to it later), call old landlords and pray that we get our security deposit in time for Christmas, buy wine for our Christmas day wine tasting - a new McLoud tradition, make gifts for girls at work, go to Oliver's Christmas show, buy groceries, finish unpacking... I'm tired already! But, on the bright side, I love the Christmas music and lights and festivities. I love the little traditions that we are making up as we go with our little family. And, I love my apartment, have I mentioned that?

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