Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clean. Entertain. Rinse. Repeat

This has been a week of cleaning and entertaining at our place and I LOVE it! I really like entertaining and had been frustrated by our lack of space at the old apartment. Now we have the space and I can enjoy having company again. Tuesday was Oliver's birthday. My little boy is four. We had his party over in the resident lounge. It was so much fun! It rained, but it still worked out fine. Thank goodness for my sister the teacher who helped fill in the time gaps with fun games. Then, Tuesday night we had Family Dinner Night at our place. I must say, it was a success. We had make-your-own grilled cheese. I bought a variety of cheeses and breads and bacon and ham and tomatoes. Everyone got to build their own sandwiches and then I cooked them up. Add some french fries and chips and pickles and it was a great meal! So, Wednesday we regrouped from the party and dinner and cleaned up again to get ready for having my small group friends over from Mom's Together. (We also enjoyed a visit from Jennifer Wed. night who decided to stay for pizza!) Four women (and 7 kids!) came over for brunch. It was nice to chat and watch the kids play and not feel rushed to go to work. So, now I go to clean again! No more company planned for a while, I think. Though, I do love the thought that we are able to have impromptu guests without having to worry about what the apt. looks like.
I think today I will switch out the winter clothes and bring out the shorts. Weather man says 80 degrees this weekend! Woo hoo!

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