Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Power of Target

Why is it that I can never go to Target without leaving with a bag full of things I don't really need but at the time feel like I can't live without? Apparently, I am not the only person with this issue. I put something about it on my Facebook status and got many, many comments. One person said it is like a drug, another that they call it the $100 store. It's SO true! (Though, I did keep it under the $100 mark yesterday) Maybe it is because some of the deals are so good, that you load up on good deals which turns into not a good deal. I went in yesterday with two things to buy - swimmies for Morgan (because apparently she eats hers or something - this is pair number 3!) and a plastic bin for Oliver's Mighty World set (which happens to be the coolest toy sets ever. I like them better than Playmobil.) I left with swimmies for Morgan, a bin for Ollie, a skirt for myself, flip flops for Oliver (which means we will instantly find the other one that we lost), a bathing suit for each kid (because you can never have enough bathing suits with a pool), a fishing game for the pool (what good is a pool without pool toys?), nail polish remover, face wash, body wash, and pocket packs of tissues. And I thought I was doing so well. I guess I have to realize that when it comes to Target I have NO self control. Well, I have SOME, I guess, I did say no to the flip flops for myself, a new bathing suit for myself, and a few other things. (Notice how it is all things for myself? Ever the martyr.)
So, what's the deal with Target? Are they sending us subliminal messages in the Muzak? Are they drugging us? What do you think?

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