Saturday, July 12, 2008

Where's Joe?

So, I've started something new. I thought for sure after starting Peapod grocery delivery that I would NEVER go to the grocery store again, but the other day I was in the neighborhood of Trader Joe's and I tried it out. I think I am in love. At first, I didn't really like it - it seemed small, unorganized and without enough options. But, the food is good. Really good. After our second trip there, I think I am sold. I think I can either live without or make a seperate trip for the things that we cannot get there. Also, I thought it would be super expensive, but I've been spending less than at the supermarket. Oliver loves that he can stay in the cart while the lady pulls it through to scan the items and he gets a balloon and stickers. The first time we were there he did ask me where Joe was. Too cute. The only bad part, it is a pretty good hike from where we live. Is it worth it? We shall see.
Ollie was in the paper again this week. This time from the fireworks in Hingham. Of course he is never with me in these pictures. Can't seem to find the link now, but I'll put it on here if I find it.


Janice said...

I LOOOVEEE trader Joe's. The prices have gone up a little bit, but still pretty reasonable. I love all of the easy meals you can get there, that are far more healthy than takeout. Ours is a little far too, but it is so worth the trip once in a while. I had no idea you had not been to one! Glad you liked it :) Is Hanover the closest one?

Becka said...

Yup, Hanover, as far as I know.