Sunday, March 01, 2009

Just One Bite

We've been trying to get Oliver to try some new foods lately. He has a pretty limited repertoire of meals: toast with butter, toast with cream cheese, cinnamon toast, toast with jelly, loaded toast - a combo of some or all of the above, bagels, chicken nuggets, apples, applesauce, grilled cheese, cheese sticks, cheddar cheese, pretzels with ranch dressing or yogurt. None of the typical kid food like pasta or pizza. Occasionally I can get him to eat chicken with barbecue sauce. So, anyway, we've decided that it is time to really start pushing him to try some new things. We made a sticker chart and decided he could earn a new computer game with trying just three new things. At first he was enthusiastic, even naming the things he could try, but when push comes to shove he doesn't want to do it. He even decided that he doesn't want that computer game after all. So now what? We have no leverage, he has no motivation.
Tonight I made macaroni and cheese and Joel and I decided to have him try one bite before he could leave the table. The little stinker sat there for about 40 minutes with no bite!! There were tears and pouts and negotiations, but no bite. So, we stuck to our guns and told him he could go strait to bed from the table, with no book time. I thought for sure missing book time would be the clincher, but he held out. He went from the table to the bathroom to brush his teeth and go potty, and then to his room to get jammies on and get in his bed. (Thank goodness it wasn't too early!) I gave him some books to look at by himself while I took Morgan to have book time in my bed. Seemed to him to be a worthy sacrifice so as to avoid the mac and cheese. It didn't seem to bother him all that much after the fact since before he went to sleep he said "I like you. You're my favorite Mommy in the whole world." now what? Do we continue this routine until he tries something new? Anyone have any good strategies for getting kids to try things? Do I just let it go and serve the kid toast for the rest of his life?


Sarahbeth said...

I know i shouldnt laugh at him, but since i'm so far away, i think i'll snicker just a bit. We've always had a rule that you have to TRY eveything on the table. usually one bite per year of age. That's all we make them do, but they also know that what mommy sets on the table for supper is it. you eat it or you don't, but you don't get anything else-- and you ususally don't get seconds and thirds of your favorite thing without making a significant dent in everything on your plate. we've had our share of tantrums (ella and si) but eventually they forget their stubborness and give in. good luck!

Janice said...

Yep stick with it! Just one stinkin' bite! We have definitely been there many many times before. We were supposed to have some great ephiphany when abigail turned 5. She said she would try everything. No such luck. LOL Definitely stick with it.