Monday, November 21, 2005

Seems Like a Lifetime

Ten year high school reunion this coming weekend. To go or not to go? I'm torn. Part of me really wants to go and just see what everyone is like now and part of me does not care at all to see most of these people who hardly acknowledged my existence in high school. (Unless they needed an answer on a test or homework!) It really does seem like a lifetime has passed since high school. Will I feel this way about my ten year college reunion? Like I am a completely different person? I don't know. Right now I would give anything to have a college reunion, I miss those people dearly, even the ones I haven't seen since graduation. But the people I care about from high school I see now anyway. (All two of them!) What do you think?

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Janice said...

I've been thinking about it ALL weekend! I think we should go :) I read the evite and it sparked several episodes of "oh, i wonder how so and so is doing" plus, i feel like if we don't go to this one, I am not sure we'll go to any! Ever! lol Plus, who can't use a girls night out once in a while!? Or will we bring the hubby's? Oh decisions decisions!