Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Weather and Heartbeats

Man, the weather here is crazy. Saturday it was snowing and the past three days have been almost 70 degrees! Not that I am complaining, but make up your mind! It was very nice weather for trick-or-treating. We had a good time and Oliver was the cutest little pepper I've ever seen.
I heard the new baby's heartbeat today. It was strong and fast and very reassuring. This pregnancy is becoming more and more real to me now. It is hard to imagine that I will love another one as much as I love Oliver, but I know I will.
In other news, Joel has a new critter. This one was not free and he did not find it in someone's yard. This one was expensive and had to be ordered from the internet. It is a gecko and I think it is weird looking. It came today - my mom had to come over while I went to the doctor so that she could be here to sign for it. I don't know how this thing survived the trip. I was expecting it to arrive in a box with many holes in it for air, but no, it was sealed tight in a regular box, all taped up tight. Then, when I opened it, the box was also packed with newspaper. The gecko was in a little styrofoam cup, which did have holes in it. How did it breathe? I don't get it. It is now settled into its cage and hiding in it's little house. I'm sure it will never come out. Fun pet...


matt said...

remember my gecko? u made me name it something wierd. it was gueedo or something like that. then it died. they are fun wen u feed them and their necks get all colorful and stretchy. i think they breathe through thier skin and partly they can breathe water. i guess they can also hold their breathes for a while.

Becka said...

Hold their breathes? Oh, Matt, no.
Anyway, I have no recollection of any other gecko in my life. When was that? Do you have pictures? Are you sure it was a gecko?