Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I just wasted an hour and a half - almost Oliver's whole naptime/my time to get things done, putzing around on the internet. Why do I do this? When I finally snap out of it and start getting things done, ie housework, I inevitably hear little whimpers coming from Oliver's room. He is whimpering not only because he is awake, but because his mommy just wasted her whole morning.


Sarah said...

hmmm. what am i doing right now at naptime?. . . I've been getting so mad lately cause i fool around for an hour or so, then lay down to nap, and, as soon as my head hits the pillow, one of the kids wakes up. argh!

today is my catchup day--so i promise an email later, becka bear!

Janice said...

I posted earlier, but it disappeared. Anyway, I was saying that darn it we deserve nap time to do as we please! All day and night, 24/7 we are ON. If it's not one kid needing something it's the other (also known as a husband). Kids KNOW, absolutely without a doubt as soon as we are trying to get something done. I bet Oliver would have slept for another hour if you didn't bother trying to get something accomplished. Little stinker! Anyway, feel no guilt. Being a mommy is hard work! I only have one, and I look forward to naptime from the time we get up in the morning! Email away, take a nap, eat yummy food, surf the web, enjoy every second!!!!