Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cleaning House

You know when you are having company and it inspires super-human cleaning power? You clean and de-clutter and dust and sweep and scrub so that your company is fooled into thinking that your house always looks like this. Well, I'm feeling this way about my blog this week. I got an e-mail telling me that my kiddos and my blog are going to be featured in the Fabulous Friday over at Diary Of a Playgroup Dropout. Basically there will be a little blurb about us, some pictures and a link to this blog. I'm excited. (It's the little things, people!!) But, I feel this incredible pressure now to make my blog interesting and witty and worthy of millions of comments so that I feel loved. So, if you have any suggestions for how to improve my blog before Friday, let me know!


Nichole said...

The blog looks great! Very sweet curls on your little ones.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Clicked over here from "playgroup dropout"-- and your blog looks great! I've just spent the last half hour reading all your previous entries! I'm expecting a little boy in about 5 1/2 weeks. It was cool to read your entries while you were still pregnant with Morgan and realize that I'm NOT the only one who feels/has felt the way I do! I am *SO OVER* being pregnant, am very anxious for this child to remove himself from my body! lol! I'll be back to read more! Have a great day!

Be said...

I found you from Playgroup Dropout. I came because the no tv thing is fascinating to me and we watch a bit of tv but I wonder what no tv AT ALL would be like. I like that you are fun to read and profess some sort of Christian faith and you do not cuss your head off. I am getting sick of reading otherwise nice blogs with foul language. I will be back to read more.